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Welcome to The 95 percent

From Bampton To London

We are the 95 Percent, a Oxfordshire and London based company that designs and decorates the modern home. We are a team of people who all share the passion for modern Danish design and everything to do with the contemporary lifestyle. Contemporary home design is our specialty

We’re a group of designers who had been surrounded and grown up with the Danish design at an early age. Now in the UK we want to share our passion with the rest of the world. 95 Percent has been in the game for over a decade, helping new and existing homes grow into to the contemporary design.

What We Are Doing At 95 Percent

95 Percent is a multi-talented group that focuses on everything and anything modern. We mainly mix and match the Danish design in every contemporayy style known.

Our services are not limited to getting fancy materials or name brand cushions but we aim to tackle the interior and exterior of your home. You will find a large variety of services that you can use at your disposal.

modern garden, contemporary

We are experts in the field of, and thriving to perfect the concept of contemporary home design. To start, we instruct architects for detailed plans for all new homes who choose us. This is where our building surveying services comes in.

Being creative is essential to our work so coming up with design concepts for your plans is essential. Researching and gathering trend ideas for the modern home is also an important role for the interior design process.

And of course, selecting and using only the best materials and products for your ideal home is critical.

Buying from our partners and customers is always an interesting role as we get to experience a number of modern styles. We buy directly from furniture providers as well as regular customers in the area.

We also sell various contemporary goods that comes in all shapes, themes, colours and sizes. Both new and used goods are properly examined and tested for quality control.

As we buy and sell goods, we also started to trade them as well. An exchange for our quality wares for yours is another option to consider when choosing the 95 Percent.

As well as designing the inside of your home, we like to get our hands dirty too with some gardening work. To match the beauty of your interior, the exterior is equally as important to us.

As we do love everything contemporary and up to date, we all can respect the old principle of cultivating the land. If you are looking to keep up or grow new plant life in your garden, this is the step for you.

Leveling soil is also an age old practice we love to implement into our gardening services. A leveled layout really brings out a clean look for your home.

Turfing is also a service we provide for those looking to quickly get something down without hassle.

If you are looking for some advice on a product you recently obtained or maybe even an older piece, we can help you in this department. Sending detailed imagery, description and date of which it was received is part of finding your furniture’s price point.

We also provide customers with a remote custom and detailed plans to follow designing the interior of their homes.

Collections Made

As we buy goods from various clients and customers, we find various interesting and rare pieces of furniture. You can have a missing piece from a set we already have or something that was made much older that could fit into the contemporary design. Over the years we have collected, bought, and sold a number of these one off goods.
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95 percent logo white
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In terms of furniture, our only limits is that your goods are in good condition. Currently, we do not have a furniture repair services, however, over time this may be a consideration. If you believe you have something you would like to sell on, we can give you consultancy or straight to the point sales if you know your product.

Please visit our collections pages to see what we have in stock.

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