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From Bampton To London

We are the 95 Percent, a Oxfordshire and London based company that designs and decorates the modern home. We are a team of people who all share the passion for modern Danish design and everything to do with the contemporary lifestyle. Contemporary home design is our specialty.

Experts In Contemporary Homes

Studying in various styles of modern design for the home, we all have an extensive knowledge base when it comes to modernizing large or small spaces. We take inspiration from various sources including the one that inspired us from an earlier age.

Contemporary home design is not just about grabbing the latest trends but also keeping the home in an efficient state for living.

Natural Interior Designers

We’re a group of designers who had been surrounded and grown up with the Danish design at an early age. Now in the UK we want to share our passion with the rest of the world. 95 Percent has been in the game for over a decade, helping new and existing homes grow into to the contemporary design.

Growing In Success

As we have been around for over a decade, we are still a growing success. There have been numerous ups, downs, set backs, and everything in between. Our vision to bring the flexible modern Danish style to homes is stronger than ever.

Since our partner base has grown with time, we have better understood the need of our customers and plan to further adjust our business model. This will benefit not only us but our partners and customers alike.

Providers Of Fast And Friendly Services

Our services have been expanded repeatedly and we will continue to grow in the field of contemporary home design. When you select our services we have a number of highly trained individuals.

If you are a brand new home owner or one with a home that is in need of service, you can expect our friendly staff to listen to your potential inquiries.

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