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95 Percent

95 Percent is a multi-talented group that focuses on everything and anything modern. We are London and Oxfordshire based company. Mainly mixing and matching the Danish design in every contemporary style known.

Our services are not limited to getting fancy materials or name brand cushions but we aim to tackle the interior and exterior of your home. You will find a large variety of services that you can use at your disposal.

Interior Design

We are experts in the field of, and thriving to perfect the concept of contemporary home design. Being creative is essential to our work so coming up with design concepts for your plans is essential. Researching and gathering trend ideas for the modern home is also an important role for the interior design process.

The Danish design is popular throughout the design world and even in homes who don’t even know they are using it. We plan to modernize and implement other modern styles to it.

Particularly with new homes, we carry out building surveys to assist architects when they carry out the build process. When building your new home, we want to make sure you have as much space in a dimension that is flexible for all styles of interior design.

There are limitless possibilities but we like to find out the right fit for you and your own modernized style.

Creating a modern design concept is our specialty when it comes to interior design. These design concepts help with the blueprints of your home’s interior layout.

Concepts can be made from your ideas by using pen and pencil, or our CAD software to help assist in a three dimensional space. We have various options to help bring your modern vision to life. Concepts can include placement of furnishings, decorations and more.

Researching is another strong piece to the interior design puzzle. We want to ensure that you are getting the latest trends at the most cost efficient way possible.

Some of these latest trends can visually impact your home’s design in a positive way. So making use of this service is fairly important as well.

Like with our research service, we provide one where we gather the needed the materials for your initial designs. This helps us select the more cost effective and visually appealing materials on offer.

Every item in your home will be taken into account such as your couches, it’s cushions, curtains, bedding, tables, chairs, frames even flooring.

Our job is to make sure you are getting the best that the modern world has to offer in your current price range.

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We like to remain versitile when it comes to contemporary home design. Also we love furnishings, so we offer the options to buy, sell and trade quality products.

The furnishings can be as small as a candle holder and as large as a large wardrobe. As long as the pieces are in great condition, we will consider most what is offered.

Buying, Selling & Trading Furniture

To keep up with the modern standard, we want to make sure all goods, coming or going is in great condition and are not in need of any repairs.

Modern or even older goods will be accepted. As long as there is potential to mix and match with other styles, you are more than welcome to contact us about this service.

We buy goods that are of quality and in great condition. New and used goods are both welcome at 95 Percent.

Most of our bought goods are straight from our trusted and reliable partners. Our partners are all spread out across Europe but typically found in the south of London.

When we buy, we also sell. As interior designers, we are avid collectors of various household goods. These goods can include a fancy vase, night stands, couches, even door


We focus on quality and style.

With buying and selling there must come trading. We have the option to trade our goods with your goods. Anything that involves or can implement the contemporary design, we would love to hear from you

Please keep in mind that we are after quality goods. The good you are looking to trade most not be in disrepair. Although this service is in consideration, we do not offer restoration at this current time.

Gardening Work

Here at Oxfordshire, we are not always wrapped up in the modern ways, as we also like to get our hands dirty. Although these are the oldest of techniques, we use these services with the idea of contemporary home design in mind.

Our gardening service is to help complement the interior of your home. This is so that you have both a visually appealing experience when you enter or exit your newly designed home.

Garden cultivation is as old as time. A much respected and used service today, we know that the home garden is very important to your house’s surroundings.

This service is meant for those who are looking to plant new life into the ground with fresh, cultivated soil.

Leveling the soil is an important but favoured service in our skillset. Keeping things flat and tidy, is a part of the concept of contemporary design.

When we flatten our soil, this is so that a base is down for various other services that require this method. We cover leveling both front, back and side gardens. Ideal for laying down plant pots, garden decor and more.

When you select our leveling services, you also have the option to choose laying down turf. This also includes stylish fake plants for a more permanent design.

Pricing for turf can vary depending on the materials, size of garden and the type of soil that is need for your new turf.

General Consultancy

A sub set of services we offer is to give customers advice and care for their products. You may also want to get some advice on how you can professionally design your home with one of our custom design packages.

The help we offer on products is a simple process. This involves remotely reviewing a modern piece of furniture that you newly acquired or had for some time.

We will assess your goods through our expert advisors who will give you a quote on how much your item is worth. Once assessments are made, you will have the confidence to sell your product.

For those on a tight budget, and if you are unable to use our regular interior design services, we offer another alternative. The custom package is a hassle free system where you are given a series of well written documents that will guide you to designing your own home.

What’s required are measurements, photographs and your vision of how you want you home to be designed. Once everything is in place, we can post or electronically deliver you your custom guide to your new contemporary home.