What is velvet made of ?

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Velvet color

Interestingly, people always associate velvet with red or black, but in reality it can be dyed any colour just like any other fabric.

velvet red fabric
velvet red fabric

Velvet definition

The word velvet actually stems from latin ‘vilius’ meaning shaggy or tufts of hair. 

what is velveteen 

Velveteen is simply imitation velvet, from something made out of another material such as cotton, or a fusion of materials. 

What is velvet

Velvet is a material made from silk. This woven tufted fabric has a distinctively soft to the touch feel. 

What is velvet made of ?

Originally, velvet was made entirely from silk, which would mean it was incredibly expensive to make, and still is . it is rare that you will find pure silk fabric being made today because of the amount of silk you need to make it and more. 

green velvet
green velvet

It can also be made from other fabric such as linen, mohair and wool. This being said many people wonder how ethical it is. 

Is velvet vegan?

An interesting one. I would say from the treatment of many mohair in the fur trade – velvet made with mohair is not ethical, but materials such as wool velvet and linen velvet is fine. Silk is also vegan, depending on what your morals so it more or less is vegan. But of course it is a case by case basis. Silk velvet is not vegan if you care about silkworms. 

Find out if Tweed is vegan here.

Velvet clothing 

One can make garments from velvet, often having a lush and expensive connotation. 

How to wash velvet?

You can machine wash velvet, but please make sure you take note of some of these tips. Firstly, wash on a cold wash if you are going to do this. This will make sure that it stats shiny for the longest time. 

You also should make sure you are washing with a light load, because if it is too heavy it may ruin the velvet from friction. 

Avoid using bleach and strong chemicals to clean it. 

How to clean velvet upholstery

To clean the velvet upholstery, please take heed of my previous comments, and know that washing on a light wash with a light load is the best way to treat velvet upholstery, as well as not using harsh chemicals and products like bleach or fabric softener. 

How to clean velvet

To wash velvet, simply rinse in cold water with soap. If you have a specific stain you want to get out this will be the best way to get it out. This is also how you would wash a velvet durag. And also how to wash velvet curtains. This method is similar on how to wash chenille.

How to wear a velvet blazer

Indeed how to wear a velvet blazer may seem like a deeply stressful thought. You may think that it is a very awkward material that does not go with much and does not match with many things. However, although you may think this, it is simply not true. Velvet lends itself to a lot of different materials and is super great to pair with some simple essentials such as jeans, chinos or something similar.